Wage increases in 2020

Almost every year, the profession is obliged to follow, not the price of the stock market, but the price of wages. In any case, note that the prices do not mechanically follow these obligations … There is danger.

Back to the “how”:

Since September 2019, the two professional unions, the SNES and the USP, have merged and created the GES, the grouping of private security companies.

The goal was to create a strong and recognized union so that they could negotiate on equal terms with the ministries of labor and the interior, speaking with one voice.

It’s done. We can conclude, at first glance, that this is good for the profession, for the agents and for the security of your facilities.

The social agenda was slow to come and for good reason. The GES did not have the signature and it did not arrive until November 2019. This is why the negotiations with the social partners took place between October and November.

The “why ” :

The dynamic of renewal, the professionalization of our sector, cannot materialize without a constructive social dialogue at national level. It should be noted, and you have noticed that the officers on duty are no longer the same as in the 2000s and we thank you for that. The dynamic has indeed started for about 10 years. The arrival of CNAPS in 2012 and additional training, with this retraining, of course contributed to it.

What “cost”?

In terms of salary increases and the resulting charges for the year 2020 and on reading the signed agreement, it emerges:

  • Year 2020: salary increase + 2.6%
  • Expenses related to the increase in salaries: + 2% For a total of 4.6% in 2020.

This is a strong increase, but the coefficient 130 being caught up by the minimum wage, this revaluation had to take place. More details with: GES-Info N ° 3

What analysis? Which solutions?

It is too early to make an analysis, especially given the short time between announcements of increases and their application.

I think that principals must above all ensure that the employees of the so-called “provider” have these conventional increases. It is essential to ensure that the social dialogue at the provider is serene and the agents informed of all these changes.

Proximity with its staff, communication via social networks, newsletter, sms, CSE information … It is important to communicate with the times but also in full transparency. The SGP group ensures this.

Finally, there is also an analysis of the needs to be carried out to optimize the budget, because the more important it is, the more “material” to analyze.

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