Cancellation as a precautionary measure

Cancellation as a precautionary measure

Termination as a precautionary measure can prevent your current FM provider from a possible end of collaboration. This announcement usually comes in the context of the launch of a call for tenders. Legally, a contract has only two forms: ongoing or terminated. Therefore, it is necessary to be precise in the drafting of the document and not to leave room for interpretation. This writing is part of a process and is not the end. It serves only as a prevention, and requires a decision from the agent. This letter is all the more important when there is a clause of tacit renewal present in the contract. In case it is not sent in due time, the contract will be renewed automatically. It is essential to send it with acknowledgment of receipt and within the deadlines provided for this purpose. This indication is present in the contract. Generally the notice is of the order of three months. In the notice mail, several mentions must be specified:

  • The reason for cancellation as a precautionary measure (example: call for tenders)
  • The duration of the notice
  • The reminder of the end of contract dates

Do not hesitate to insist on the obligations of your provider, who is required to do everything possible to maintain the integrity of the site until the possible end date of the contract.


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