“Paradoxically, it is in growth and change that the only true truth lies. “

As regulatory requirements and customer demands continue to grow, the private security industry is constantly being rethought to respond to these developments. Innovating, optimizing and facilitating are the hallmarks of an efficient security service over time.

How to optimize your security service over the years? Elements of answers in this file in 4 parts.

Establish effective monitoring

  • The effective feedback of information

The specificity of each site implies a different need for information. During an exchange on this theme, it is possible to target the priority information according to your requirements: “Know when access remains open? Or when an intrusion alarm goes off? “. After this study, it becomes possible to segment the reports that will be sent directly to you and those that will simply be archived on the Trackforce platform. Subsequently, a custom report can be built, relaying statistics on essential data only.

This tracking of incidents on your site and indicators allows, as a first step, to justify the financial commitment that represents security to the management or the CHSCT. “The ADS has passed 40000 times in one year at this place” “5 fire starts have been mastered”. In a second step, by regularly reviewing, this gives rise to an adjustment of the service, by introducing new processes.

  • A schedule of meetings with the various interlocutors

Monitoring and exchanges are essential. Meetings promote the feedback of information, having an overview of the service. This is an opportunity to discuss different issues. To each problem, a corrective action. A misunderstanding of a new mission of systematic control of trucks in continuous, the establishment of a system of acknowledgment of reading and taking into account the new orders posted. For each project, a solution. A specification which evolves at the level of the electric manipulations, an adjustment of the authorizations of the HOb0 to the BSBE.

Strengthen the supervision

  • A dedicated local manager

Quality managers dedicated to the sites are privileged interlocutors of your service. Very close to the agents, they know their problems and take into account their personal needs – a family problem will generate a deployment – and are actors in the loyalty of agents. On the other hand, being the link with the agency, their power of decision makes it possible to be reactive on various problems: accounting, human resources, planning …

  • To free up time to post a leader

The most efficient supervision remains the field supervision. Heads of post exist at all times. The SGP Group has matured this position, changing it from leader to leader. A big difference. This agent follows a specific continuous training course in order to build or consolidate notions in management, with a particular focus on new collaborative methods (team management but also management of the service / customer relationship). The proximity of the leader with the rest of the team or you, his perfect knowledge of the site, its missions and issues, makes it able to manage the daily. Who better than a person working on the site to supervise! Exchanges, verification of up-to-date instructions and their execution, planning according to the obligations of the team, participation in the selection of new profiles, integration and training of new agents in a shared HRM function in good intelligence with clients and supports, here a non-exhaustive list of his missions. Setting up a leader is a real asset for the site, which becomes an autonomous and reactive entity. This agent is the Ace that comes to complete your poker hand. Force of proposals, it is the engine of improvement of the service: proposal of report specific of a repetitive incident: readings of levels, pressure, gas …; organization of the key cabinet, checking status, correspondence …

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