“Paradoxically, it is in growth and change that the only true truth lies. “

As regulatory requirements and customer demands continue to grow, the private security industry is constantly being rethought to respond to these developments. Innovating, optimizing and facilitating are the hallmarks of an efficient security service over time.

How to optimize your security service over the years? New elements of answers in this second part of our file.


Develop skills


  • Review the level of competence of agents

Guaranteeing the competence of our agents but also their best response to difficult situations is a strong commitment of the SGP Group.

“Training core business but also, and this is our particularity, transversal training. With us, we do not remain a security agent for life, we can evolve into a manager, and even a trainer. Today, we have an in-house training school and it is our own agents who train because they have the knowledge. We imagined all the professional trajectories offered by the profession. »Cécile Frutos, HR Director

  • Set up additional training

Perfect the skills of the agents, it also offers additional training on electrical hazards (BSBE), fire prevention (the fire permit), the decommissioning of an area, or fire safety First Intervention Team (PPE), according to the needs of the site … With this aim, the agents can use their Personal Training Account (CPF), which gives them the possibility of training throughout their professional life.

  • Communicate

The transmission of knowledge must go through efficient means of communication. Every month, a newsletter dedicated to SGP Group employees provides them with relevant information on the constantly evolving business, updates on regulations, and good practices in terms of risk prevention. A goal of information on private security topics naturally deployed on other channels: website, social networks …

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