Employment and disability we commit ourselves!

On the occasion of the European Week for the Employment of People with Disabilities, the SGP Group is “Activator of Progress“. By integrating this national program that promotes the inclusion of people with disabilities, the SGP Group intends to show that:

  • The employment of people with disabilities in companies is now a reality.
  • People with disabilities are a factor of progress in the company.

Employees with disabilities are numerous in business but often misguided!

The Private Security sector seems difficult to access for people with disabilities and the SGP Group wants to remove taboos. Our objective ? Better accompany them and better inform them.

As part of our overall professional integration policy, the SGP Group is therefore working this year on:

  • An internal communication campaign on the rights of workers with disabilities
  • The creation of a listening unit within our HR department

Why is it essential to make your situation known?

To allow the development and adaptation of the workstation and the connection with the various partners.

For genuine consideration of recommendations and proposals of individual measures, and considerations of age, physical resistance, physical and mental health.

How to make yourself known ?

To understand the work situations in their entirety, our agents can contact the HR department. It is also possible to get closer to specialized organizations: the MDPH / CARSAT / AGEFIPH.

Vous avez un besoin et souhaitez nous contacter ?