Newcomer to the private security landscape, presentation of the European Institute of Safety-Security Studies for Enterprises (IEESSE) to the laudable federation ambitions and expected for a necessary transformation of the sector.

What context for the creation of the European Institute of Safety-Security Studies for Enterprises (IEESSE)?

For several years, all the people in charge of the safety and security of public or private companies, have seen the risks, which they have to face, to be in constant evolution. The proposed solutions do not always meet expectations. The state manages the regal safety and security and regulates by force of texts. Private security composed of suppliers and service providers offers technical or human solutions.

Born from the desire to create a professional space for reflection, development and transmission, IEESSE wishes to be able to federate all women and men, directors, managers, heads of departments, project managers, security officers, in charge of safety and security of public or private enterprises. Created under an associative structure, IEESSE wishes to bring to the profession this place of study between professionals, to become a force of proposals.

What are the main missions?

One of IEESSE’s central missions is to support and accelerate the necessary transformation of the whole sector by federating all the private and public actors, as well as all the companies sensitized to the issues of Safety and Security.

The safety-security approach of the future and the setting up of effective organizations to support them will go through a collaborative and reflective work. It is fundamental that all the private and public actors feel involved and find themselves around the strong stakes on the evolution of the regulations to improve, modify or even get rid of the existing rules.

It is necessary to combine human and artificial intelligence to improve the relevance of Safety and Security solutions, but also to adapt them to new needs. The goal is to roll back threats, of all kinds, always more effectively.

IEESSE must become a constant place of exchanges, reflections, and sharing in order to permanently establish a point of cross-fertilization of skills for the benefit of all actors in the profession.

Which operation?

IEESSE wishes to offer all those who wish to make their contribution to the construction of solutions relevant to the protection of companies a place for dialogue and work, exchanges and consultations, representativeness and proposals.

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