“Paradoxically, it is in growth and change that the only true truth lies. “

As regulatory requirements and customer demands continue to grow, the private security industry is constantly being rethought to respond to these developments. Innovating, optimizing and facilitating are the hallmarks of an efficient security service over time.


How to optimize your security service over the years? New elements of answers in this third part of our file.

Optimize technical resources

With a view to continuous improvement, a concrete evaluation of the performance of the security solutions makes it possible to ensure that this or that protection measure is appropriate, or that the policy in place is efficient. At SGP, our Quality Service teams pool their experiences and carry out an accurate study of your site according to various criteria:

  • Site activity

> Periphery: security medium (grid, sensor, camera …)
> Perimeter: security means (alarm, type of door, access control …)
> Volume (secure parts, key organization chart …)
> Medium fire (security system, local ATEX, detection system …)
> Guarding / round
> Prevention plan
> Instructions
> Handrail
> Others

  • Adjust electronic systems

From this monitoring, the SGP Group raises certain areas for improvement and optimization, starting with the improvement of facilities and equipment, thereby facilitating the provision of security. Take the case of a client site where our analysis found unsupervised sensitive areas. To overcome this problem, in partnership with T3R, GROUPE SGP has completely reworked the installation of the camera park.

A global visualization including risk areas, combined with an efficient alarm system, the security officer at the PC can monitor the entire site. When is it if the officer has to go out in the round? The SGP Group can put you in place a tablet relaying the camera screens that the agent will keep on him during his travels.

  • Organize courses and programs of rounds

Optimizing the round-the-clock program allows efficient prevention of malicious acts and controls of technical equipment. For this, a system of control of rounds with installation of needles and solution of tracking in real time must be thought.

The case of a customer site after being taken over by the SGP Group

Following the return of the agents and the expertise of the manager, new needles were installed thus removing all the “gray areas” of the agro-food site. It was therefore necessary to redefine round trips to optimize the service. In parallel, with a view to hygiene regulations and the risk of intrusion, the guarantee of closing the doors was ensured through the assignment of one manager per door. A dotted round makes it possible to check them one by one, accompanied by a report of anomaly automatically directed towards the good person in charge if necessary.

In this process of continuous improvement, the management of the rounds is essential. Trackforce has a powerful module allowing interactive and real-time monitoring of rounds in progress thanks to geolocation. The agent photographs and films any anomaly detected, and the file is directly integrated into the reports.

To know that the SGP Group has developed through the Trackforce tool. This allows to realize in each round, a different course. 60 points are installed, the agent is instructed to make a random round of 15 punch, so he will be able to choose the course of his round on only 15 different points (varying these 15 checkpoints in each round).

In the same perspective of flexibility, the SGP Group has developed virtual rounds via Trackforce. It allows for a totally different round each time, there are no “fixed” needles. The agent is instructed to do a virtual round on sectors A, C and D and point 3 times by sector. He will have to choose the course of his round without any constraint and point to 3 different places. Ideal for a large site!

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