“Paradoxically, it is in growth and change that the only true truth lies. “

As regulatory requirements and customer demands continue to grow, the private security industry is constantly being rethought to respond to these developments. Innovating, optimizing and facilitating are the hallmarks of an efficient security service over time.

How to optimize your security service over the years? New elements of answers in this last part of our file.

Dematerialize totally the service

Combining respect for the environment and simplification of procedures, the dematerialization of procedures and documents internally is an approach that is recommended to develop, for a continuous improvement of performance of the service.

At SGP, we work in this direction. Facilitating the service by total dematerialization: an initiative initiated on one of our pilot sites. Example of different dematerialized missions:


In order to optimize the transmission of safety instructions and procedures to the outside world, the SGP GROUP set up a video tablet at the guardroom. The speakers are invited to consult the video relating the various instructions, then to answer a questionnaire in order to check the good comprehension of the instructions and to electronically sign the taking into account of these.


A specific report makes it possible to enter the borrower’s contact details and to make an electronic signature for the taking and delivery of the keys, in order to guarantee the follow-up when they are entrusted to an external visitor / supplier.


The condition check of the vehicles is now done through an automated report before each take and after each delivery of vehicles. Vehicle flow and condition management are now efficient.


When filing documents (AT, AM …) by the employees of our client at the guard post, a report is sent to the responsible person concerned, this avoiding any loss and allowing a better management of deadlines.


In case of intervention of an employee of our client on the site during the closing hours, the delivery of the ITP and the follow-up are done automatically so that the agent in position can follow the employee and to assist him if necessary.

Therefore, as we have seen, implementing effective monitoring, strengthening management, developing skills, optimizing technical resources, or completely dematerialize the service are all keys at your fingertips that will allow you to optimize your service. security over the years! It’s your turn !

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