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Gender equality index of the SGP group: year 2021

The issue of gender equality has been agitating our society for many years. The pay gap is still estimated by INSEE at nearly 17% in France in the private sector. In an attempt to remedy these imbalances, the Professional Future law of September 5, 2018 created the professional equality index. It establishes a score out of 100 that measures 5 criteria within companies with over 250 employees.

In 2021*, the SGP Group obtained a score of 87.5, the result of a proactive policy to fight for professional equality.

For a more detailed analysis, here are our results according to the five legal criteria:

  • Gender pay gap: 40 points/40
  • Difference in the rate of individual increases (excluding promotions) between women and men: not calculable
  • Difference in promotion rates between women and men: 15 points/15
  • Rate of female employees receiving a salary increase in the year following their return from maternity leave within the company: 15 points/15
  • Number of women and men among the 10 employees with the highest salaries in the company: 0 points/10

Total number of points obtained: 70 points /80 points (calculable)

Final score: 87.5 points/100.

The pursuit of real wage equality between women and men is an approach that is integrated into the daily work of the SGP group. It is a fundamental element in enabling the feminization of our sector of activity. It is a pledge of respect and mutual trust towards all our employees. It is a promise for the future that must be maintained and improved upon, and we have already set a date for 2022.

*Index 2021 based on data from the year 2020

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