Twenty-two independent private security companies based in Europe, Asia, South America and Africa joined together to create the world’s first global private security network, Global Securalliance.

A group born from the desire to provide a uniform and quality service to customers located abroad. This innovative global partnership responds to the strategy of the major groups and their multisite issues: a joint process around a backbone of common commitments ensures a harmony of the services provided by the different members.

The figures of Global Securalliance, in 2016

Thus, companies with a turnover of a few million euros in small European countries alongside leaders firmly rooted in their national markets like Securalliance in France, Fact Security in Belgium, or Total Security Services in Great Britain.

This GIE is not only a group of security companies: close security, alarm intervention or remote surveillance companies are also members of the network. These differences make it possible to expand the offer and the wealth of the network by covering the various private security professions. The goal is to support our customers in their development through a process of advice and optimization around the world.

In the coming months, GSA could become more important as new members have submitted applications to the United States, Australia, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Latin America. Two companies joined the network on January 1, 2018.

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