How to reduce Atex Risk?

Understanding Atex Risk

Because of their activity, some sites are particularly exposed to explosion risk. “The risk Atex appears in an atmosphere that, by adding external elements, can become an explosive atmosphere. These external elements are related to the local conditions of the site but also to operations and operation. To avoid any risk of explosion, it is necessary to either limit or eliminate Atex zones, or use electrical or mechanical equipment that meets the Atex directive “explains José Manuel Da Silva, Atex product manager at ae & t.

Understand the ATEX regulations

The ATEX regulation comes from two European directives and applies in France by virtue of the respect of the requirements of the Labor Code. It asks all the heads of establishments to control the risks of explosion in their enclosures. For that, it is essential to list all the spaces where explosive atmospheres can be formed.

The ATEX sites are divided into 6 zones, distinguishing two types of explosion: those related to gas and those to dust. Since 2002, the law obliges companies to use adequate equipment in these areas.

Our solutions to secure an ATEX zone

Our quality teams are ready to secure the ATEX zones. In addition to our OHSAS 18001 certification, we are trained to prevent these risks. The Trackforce electronic handrail increases safety on site. Real reporting tool, it allows to follow in real time and posteriori the actions performed by the agents but also to protect them thanks to the features of the PTI.

Beyond the tool itself, the real added value lies in the customization of its use. The Trackforce suite does not offer fixed solutions: on the contrary, it is scalable and customizable. Our teams have learned over time to use this tool to offer our customers tailor-made features.

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