How to train for security professions?

Formerly unstructured and lacking recognized training, the private security sector has today organized to meet the latest regulatory requirements and increased solicitation of principals. In the line of sight of this profound change: the professionalisation of the security professions. A brief overview of possible training to integrate this growing market.

To train by the way of the National Education

The National Education offers several trainings to lead and / or specialize in the security professions.

  • CAP or equivalent

The CAP Security Officer prepares in two years after the 3rd. It can be supplemented by the additional words “Civil and Corporate Security” or “Security of Public Spaces” which are prepared in one year after the CAP.

  • Bac or equivalent

The professional baccalaureat “security professions” is accessible after the 3rd and is carried out in three years. The diploma holder can join the various security and safety professions and move towards the public service (competitive examination) or private security companies.

The professional patent “technical agent of prevention and security” is carried out in two years after a CAP. It delivers a bac level.

  • Diploma level bac + 2

The DUT “Health Safety Environment” integrates with a Bac or equivalent and prepares in two years.

  • Diploma level bac + 3

The professional license “Security of goods and people” takes place in one year, after a Bac + 2. It prepares to manage the teams of private security agents and to manage the security services in accordance with the applicable legal and regulatory provisions.

  • Diploma level bac +4

The professional license “security of goods and people” can be completed by a University Diploma of “Management of safety-security in the space open to the public”. This DU aims to train leaders, executives and consultants in the field of private security.

Training through skills training

The “Prevention-Safety” professional branch has also organized and created training courses to practice the various safety and security professions.

Example of the “surveillance, guarding” sector:

Training organizations recognized by the CNAPS, provide the Title Professional Security and Private Security Officer (TP A2SP) and the Certificate of Professional Qualification of Prevention and Security Agent (CQP APS). To enroll in a training center, such as Avancia Formation, it is essential to have the prior authorization to enter training issued by the CNAPS.

In addition, many additional qualifying courses, valued by employers, are offered by the industry. This is particularly the case of the fire safety and personal assistance service (SSIAP) which is divided into three levels of skills *, sought by institutions receiving public (ERP) and high-rise buildings.

Note that it is possible to carry out the majority of these courses as part of an alternation or apprenticeship. The SGP Group, expert in human security trains and recruits more than 20 apprentices for 2019. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

* Fire and Personal Assistance Officer, Fire Safety Service Team Leader and Fire Safety Manager.

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