“In 2016, the 5,700 legal units in the private security sector employ 139,000 full-time equivalent employees. They achieve 7.0 billion euros of turnover. The business is growing strongly due to sustained demand: turnover has increased on average by 3.8% in value per year since 2010. The sector includes few large companies, which increases competition and weighs on prices (+ 1.2% per year over the period). In 2016, the average margin rate is only 3.7% and 29% of units even have negative profitability. The payment deadlines of the customers are globally high, compared to those of the other support activities: a quarter of the units note an average time greater than 75 days of turnover. In addition, earnings are modest: two thirds of employees receive less than 13 euros gross per hour. The qualification and the supervision rate are low in this sector, where only 2% of the employees are managers. “

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