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National & international security offer


The SGP Group is a founder-member of this original human adventure gathering more than 2500 co-workers: THE GIE SECURALLIANCE.

SECURALLIANCE offers since 2012 a real alternative to the giants of the sector. Faced with the purchasing departments’ growing desire to streamline costs and harmonize procedures, the SGP GROUP and three other leading founding members created the 1st national network of independent operators in Private Security.


National OFFER

This approach of the French private security sector is headed by four independent entrepreneurs certified and experienced. The proximity of these specialized and approved PME offer you a regional response for an international covering: BSL Security (1990) managed by Patrick Senior, SGP Group (2005) managed by Florian Pette, ATS & FMS SÉCURITÉ (1998) managed by Hugues Pellegrini and ATLAS SÉCURITÉ (2003) managed by Stéphane Chergui.

The sharing of values, of ethics and common process in the exercise of their profession, guarantee homogeneous services on the French territory. Securalliance, as a strong balance, enables a stable alternative credible and inescapable in a market where live side by side distant multinational groups and fragile dispersed actors.

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florian pette

1st national network of private security operators
7thnation service provider in France
22 locations/sites
350 clients
2500 agents full-time equivalence
75 million € in turnover C.A in 2017

st national network
M of revenue in 2017

The idea is not to say yes to everything, but to say yes where we are strong, that is to say our regions!

With Securalliance the contractor makes sure to get services as performing in Paris as in the department of the Meuse or the Vosges! 


International Offer

In 2016, with their development, Securalliance united to Global Securalliance, the first world network in private security totalizing 760 million euros of sales revenue (2016). In a logical way from the SECURALLIANCE network in France, GLOBAL SECURALLIANCE offers a world covering to its clients.

The association of leaders in private security in each country allows to propose simplified and performing services: a global offer for a local response.

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Global securalliance

Key figures

1st national network of private security operators
72 000 agents full-time equivalence
7600 clients
760 millions € in revenue in 2017

The mission of Global Securalliance is to provide to its clients with the best services available on the market today.

We provide professional and personalized solutions in Europe and beyond proving reactivity, diligence and professionalism