The mandatory annual negotiations (NAO) of our occupational safety and security branch resulted in two agreements on 31 August, ratified on 17 September. Jointly, the employers’ delegation and the union federations agreed on a number of provisions, the main ones being:

A 1.2% increase in wages and the introduction of a cleaning allowance

This is the purpose of the first agreement, a revaluation of the minimum wage grid, an increase of 1.2% in conventional wages. The agreement also introduces the payment of a “maintenance of dress” allowance fixed at 7 euros net per month. It will be paid over 11 months of the year, and prorated according to the working time and according to absences, other than paid leave.

The introduction of a minimum start of career

The second agreement aims at limiting the maintenance to the coefficient 120 to a maximum duration of 6 months, before a compulsory change to the coefficient 130. However, this measure will not concern the SGP Group, which has always refused to resort to the coefficient 120, in below the hourly SMIC.

Direct consequences on our costs

The application of these main changes will necessarily result in any cost-effective prevention and safety company. This is already estimated at around 7.66%. Consequential changes for our professional branch for this new year 2019!

Download the full cost increase document for private security companies for 2019.

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