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Our commitmentS


As an expert in human security, the SGP Group offers a comprehensive global security offer at the regional, national and international levels. Securing goods and people, protecting and assisting, intervening and informing, here are the responsibilities of our employees. Flexible solutions, adapted to your risks, certified by the OHSAS 18 001 and Qualisecurity standards, guarantee you a personalized and high level of service quality support.


Our commitments

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Our commitments

OHSAS 18 001

Occupational Health and Safety is today a major concern in our society. GROUPE SGP has set up a Management System for Health and Safety at Work (SMSST), thanks to various tools allowing a continuous and structured approach, based on risk assessment.


Thanks to a successful and efficient experience, SGP GROUP has launched since the beginning of 2016 to obtain the AFNOR OHSAS 18 001 certification. It enables the SGP GROUP to materialize this desire to have a perfect control of all the factors which could potentially damage on-site Safety and Long-Term Agent Health.

Indeed, OHSAS 18001 is a response to regulatory, social and economic issues and allows GROUPE SGP:

> To reduce accidents at work
> Improve business productivity, and reduce costs by controlling staff security risks
> To reduce the criminal risk in the event of an accident
> Integrate OSH prevention at all levels of the company, involving the manager and staff in the process

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Our commitments


Created at the initiative of the  SCG (Security Companies Group) (previously SNES) and developed with all the professionals and actors in the sector, the Service Engagement Framework QualiSecurity defines a common base of service commitments for the services of private companies of human surveillance.

Resulting from the expectations of the contractors, this voluntary certification clarifies the services provided by GROUPE SGP and defines a level of quality of service recognized and accepted by all.

The Qualisecurity service commitment certified by AFNOR was obtained by the SGP GROUP at the launch of the standard in 2012. This certification offers GROUPE SGP a safe way to:

> To reduce accidents at work
> Gain responsiveness and efficiency in the face of increasing customer needs,
> View and offer services of a consistent quality level,
> Better meet the expectations of contractors in terms of quality of services,
> Retain partners and customers,
> Differentiate on the security market through recognized qualitative practices,
> Conquer new markets,
> Improve and optimize internal processes on a continuous basis,
> Mobilize staff around customer satisfaction,
> Participate in the progression of the profession and the improvement of its image,
> Demonstrate ethical and social integrity: respect for the regulatory framework of private security and social legislation.


Our CSR policy

GROUPE SGP has always been a company committed to different areas. Its economic development reconciles economic and social progress as well as the preservation of the environment.

The Global Compact is the starting point for any organization seeking to support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted in September 2015 by the ONU.

These goals offer a universal agenda to achieve to build a better world. They require a scaling up of corporate commitments, causing profound changes in companies and markets, demonstrating that sustainability and value creation go hand in hand.

CSR risk prevention (Corporate Social Responsibility) makes it possible to anticipate problems and resolve them upstream. Since 2016, the SGP GROUP, in order to formalize its commitments, actively supports the Global Compact. Thus, we integrate in our strategy, our organizational culture and our operations, 3 sensitive axes related to its human monitoring profession: Ethical risk, Human risk and Environmental risk.

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Communication sur le progrès 2017

The SGP Group has been awarded the SOFIDEL 3S award, the best sustainable project: “for a company that has implemented a particularly important initiative in environmental and social responsibility”.


Our HSE Policy

The management of the SGP GROUP, in close collaboration with its Quality Department, drafted the Health and Safety and Environment policy and defined annual objectives visible in the latter. The HSE policy is a formal way of transcribing the company’s HSE commitments, issues and objectives.

Our HSE policy is disseminated to all SGP Group staff so that everyone can be aware of the requirements to be met and the commitment that everyone must demonstrate at its level. It is available to staff on the intranet, the corporate network and on-site quality workbooks.

GROUPE SGP places the well-being of its employees at the heart of its primary objectives. Indeed, since 2015, the company has turned towards a management centered on the human while putting the Man at the heart of the company. We aim, beyond the quality of the services, the safety of the people and the goods, the safety, the prevention of the risks and the respect of the environment. The company also undertakes to comply with the legal requirements in force concerning the risks related to the Health and Safety at work of its employees.

In order to safeguard the well-being and safety of all its employees, the SGP GROUP implements an organization, staff, time, energy and all the necessary resources to ensure the health and safety of employees. employees. Thanks to a different management and not pyramidal, we promote mutual help, proximity, attention, listening and respect. As far as safety is concerned, we also strive for excellence in equipment by deploying the tools and tools of the latest generation.

GROUPE SGP is committed to wellness, safety & environment on several points:


> The implementation of a Workplace Risk Prevention Program,
> The systematic analysis of any incident or accident by ensuring for each a return of experience
> Improving the working conditions of its employees
> Visits and security checks at each site
> Staff training on safety requirements to reduce risks
> The development of the dematerialization of procedures and documents internally
> Selective sorting of papers and documents internally
> Securing data on physical and / or computer media

2018 HSE policy

The aims that the SGP GROUP sets itself for OHS are reviewed annually in the management review organized once a year.

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