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Our strengths


As a service delivery company, human resource management is the inseparable vector of our success. Very often, the Human is forgotten in a global strategy. This is why we have defined our goals as the well-being of all our employees, in addition to a noble ambition, it is a formidable generator of success …



Our different management

The HR problem in our sector of activity focuses on our ability to retain employees and perform their services to meet the expectations of our customers while exceeding the constraints inherent in our business.

Loyalty is about the well-being that is often left behind in many societies. In fact, in view of the “price war” encountered during tenders, these companies are often outside the law by engaging in illegal practices to increase their profitability.

A high turn-over rate would have negative consequences on the performance of our company and would produce internal dysfunctions (customer satisfaction, correlated training costs, management fees, etc.). Retention represents a major challenge, from an economic, demographic, social or organizational point of view and has thus become our major concern.

In addition, the recruitment of security guards is now framed by binding legal obligations and specific customer requirements. The formations and the “profiles” of the agents differ according to the sites. Effective skills management becomes essential.

Our HRM practices therefore confer a competitive advantage on our organization by stimulating employee engagement. The expectations of employees are indeed increasingly focused on a demand for personalization of working conditions and greater freedom in the workplace. We knew how to anticipate these new challenges. Thus, the purpose of our HR function is to establish a relationship of partnership and alignment of employee expectations on the strategic goals of the company.


a freed company

Since 2015, the SGP Group has taken a major managerial shift towards a « FreedCompany»: an innovation in the Private Security sector in France and the world.
The managerial turn taken by the SGP Group has triggered new professional practices. So we state a will to enforce :


These values are translated through different actions: collaborative and thematic workshops, proximity of support teams, involvement of leaders and managers in organizational decisions, working groups, implementation of services decided by the team and not imposed, etc. The satisfaction and the well-being of our agents condition the success of the service. That’s why we’re passionate about empowering them and valuing their work. The SGP Group benefits from a stable social climate and a win / win relationship with each employee. Agents are therefore involved, motivated and serene, they are the guarantors of efficient delivery.

Since 2017, the SGP Group has officially joined the free enterprise community created by Isaac Getz. To be certified by Isaac Getz as such, the employees of the SGP GROUP had to testify to concrete facts in order to prove the release of their company:

Testimony of an employee of GROUPE SGP: 

“Hello everyone, I joined the SGP Group 4 years ago. I am lucky to know the “before” and the “now”, and I can tell you that the evolution that knows the company is impressive! When the leader invited us to embark on this adventure little known to all, we immediately said “yes”! “Heal your employees, and they’ll look after your business, it’s that simple,” this quotation from Virgin’s CEO sums up perfectly the philosophy of Mr. PETTE. It is together that we work, and not everyone on our side, that’s our strength! Our team is dynamic and has found new life since the company was released. “.

The concept of liberated company pleases and convinces more and more companies (Michelin, Kiabi, Decathlon, Gore, Harley Davidson, etc.), it is not a fashion but the beginning of a new area: the management at the heart of change.



HRI 2017 : (human ressources initiative)

Since then, the change has been recognized since the SGP Group is the winner of the IRH issued by Hudson, Cadre emploi and Figaro Économie. The SGP GROUP has been awarded for its Initiative entitled: “THE SGP GROUP: A RELEASED COMPANY OR REDEFINITION OF OPERATION AND RULES OF BUSINESS BY ITS PEERS”

RENAULT-NISSAN and the SGP GROUP: the two big winners of the 2017 HR Trophies!

Is not it a great adventure to be awarded alongside the flagship of French industry? 400 employees or 470,000, a regional or worldwide reputation, which has been the energy of 2 excellent HRD serving innovative French companies: Cécile FRUTOS, HRM GROUP SGP and Marie-Françoise DAMESIN, HR Director RENAULT-NISSAN alliance, …

A huge thank you to all the employees of the SGP Group, who work every day to bring these human values to life on the ground.

Prize-winner OF the « Victories of Human Resources Leaders »

The SGP Group took part in the Victoires des Leaders du Capital Humain in Paris, organized by the Leaders Group, publisher of Décideurs magazine. During this event, which brought together HR managers from the largest groups, SGP made a double blow. We first distinguished ourselves from second place in the “growing business” category, while competing against Michel & Augustin, Talan and Urb-it.

A price that confirms our presence in the ranking of the Express of the strongest growth of French companies over the last three years. But the greatest pride lies in being recognized on a point that is dear to us: management. Our transition to a liberated company was rewarded with the HR Innovation Award of the Year! A prize gleaned before prestigious institutions like General Electric, Groupama or Suez. We are taking over from another luxury company: Vinci.


Key figures

Customer loyalty

since 2005, 98 % of our clients have been loyal.

Record growth rate

+ 30% turnover every year : the only one of its kind as private security enterprise in the list  of winners of the Growth Champions published by “Les Echos”
– Increase of 19% of the workforce from2016 to 2017

Satisfaction of co-workerS

– Turn-over 3 times inferior to the national rate, that is 19%. 
92 % of our agents are happy to be working with the SGP Group
– 76% of our agents are satisfied with the balance private life/professional life
– 72% of our agents have judged the communication between the service-support and the basis, good.

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