Interview Lionel Kiernozek – AVANCIA FORMATION Manager

Can you introduce yourself : What is your background ? What is your role within Avancia Formation?

My name is Lionel KIERNOZEK, I am 48 years old. Passionate about culture and sports, I practice piano and various sports, especially shooting.

I started working in security in 1994 in a security services company. At that time, no certification, no diploma, no training were necessary to enter this profession.  I must admit that I fell into this field a little by chance. It is at the beginning of the 90s, following an altercation between several individuals in a discotheque that everything started. Indeed, I intervened to soften the situation at the right time. At that moment, a boss of a security company present in the room noticed me. Shortly afterwards, we exchanged over coffee and following this evening, he offered me an internal training and a job. Without knowing it, it was by accepting this offer that I began to write my professional career.

I started as a security guard in various stores and then also in the event industry: fairs, concerts, trade shows of all kinds, sports and cultural events. After having worked several years in these activities, I wanted to learn more and discover other aspects of this profession, a thirst for knowledge never dried up!

Indeed, I started to occupy different positions in very varied fields: industry, rondier intervening, accompaniment of personalities, remote surveillance operator, video surveillance operator etc. In parallel to this rich experience in the field, I took the opportunity to deepen my knowledge and improve my skills by completing a series of training courses in security and fire. I then moved on to internal security services as head of department, which later allowed me to hold the position of national security referent for about 200 establishments.

The desire to evolve in this field only increased. In 2004, I started to give training courses in my spare time. These trainings were about security, ERP, SSIAP, video surveillance, remote surveillance, health and safety at work as well as customized trainings requested by some customers. At the beginning of 2017, I decided to devote myself exclusively to professional training, managing up to 3 centers simultaneously.

Today, I am in charge of pedagogy and business development for Avancia Formation. Integrating a company full of ambition with real development projects and the desire to provide quality training immediately motivated me.

Tell us about the A2SP title: why train for this title?

The A2SP professional qualification (safety and private security agent) enables you to provide reception, information and assistance to people within a company and in compliance with the regulations. It is a title issued by the Ministry of Employment. The A2SP title has been redesigned by an order of September 20, 2019, and brings a real added value to the training. Obtaining this training allows you to officially obtain a level 4 title (BAC), formerly recognized at level 5. This level allows agents to access higher education courses such as the BTS, SSIAP 3 without passing the SSIAP 2 and other university courses. The content of this training is divided into 3 parts:

To ensure a service of human surveillance and private security by guaranteeing a notion of quality
To ensure the security related to the risks and threats by guaranteeing prevention and protection of people
Ensuring the surveillance and security of people by integrating new working methods on sensitive sites.
Can you tell us about the training courses dedicated to sensitive sites?

The training courses dedicated to sensitive sites are training courses recently developed by the branch with the aim of developing the necessary skills to ensure the protection of these sites. As a result, they integrate the mastery of the legal corpus of the SAIV regulation (Security of Vital Importance Activities) and its articulation in the national and European safety and security system. These training courses provide an understanding of technical risks and RNBC-E risks (Nuclear, Radiological, Biological, Chemical and Explosive risks).

In a more general sense, these courses provide a real deepening of security methods. The training is sanctioned by a final test to evaluate the level of each candidate. Aimed at improving the intervention capacity of agents by broadening their areas of expertise, these training courses will certainly become essential for all agents wishing to work on sensitive sites.

What are the strong points of your trainings ?

Avancia Formation was deployed after 10 years of field experience via the SGP group. With a strong expertise, we guarantee high quality trainings. Our trainers, all specialists in their field of intervention, have significant professional experience in their chosen field.

Our training center offers efficient teaching tools thanks to an adapted and constantly evolving technical platform, allowing us to carry out real exercises: training rooms, security PCs dedicated to training, as well as adapted quality equipment.

We guarantee personalized support for each student’s training, opting for a participatory approach that is as close as possible to the realities of the field and to the needs of the company.

Indeed, the center promotes the following values

  • Creation of a true relationship of trust with the future trainee;
  • Listening to and understanding the needs of the trainee: the trainee benefits from a preliminary interview that is adapted and unfiltered;
  • Elaboration of a tailor-made training program with the future trainee;
  • Adaptability of the structure for each short, medium or long term project.
  • Post-training follow-up

We strive to find the best solution to provide our trainees with a serene future.

What is the future of Avancia Formation ?

We have great opportunities open to us for the future. First of all, we are going to invest, during 2021, in new premises of more than 300 square meters which will be entirely dedicated to training in the fields of security/safety, fire, new technologies, and first aid. This new establishment will be equipped with a brand new technical platform including two security PCs and an outdoor fire area as well as four large training rooms.

In September, we will also integrate all the operational functionalities of a learning center.  Indeed, we wish to develop our training center so that it becomes a real security school running at full speed with a large capacity allowing us to further enrich our partnerships. We wish to transmit to the young apprentices the passion of the profession so that they can blossom both professionally and personally. We don’t just want to make them operational but to accompany them towards the highest skills they aspire to.

Avancia formation pursues its approach of continuous improvement to guarantee qualifying trainings. As such, we are continuously looking for training on new technologies and other processes corresponding to the development strategy of private security as wanted by the State. Our wish is to develop our training center, our solutions to companies but also to be a support for our internal agents who wish to improve their skills, or simply to upgrade their skills. Specialization, expertise, ambitions, such are the key words of Avancia Formation.

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