8 March. Formalized by the United Nations in 1977, the International Day for Women’s Rights has its origins in the struggles of workers and suffragettes of the early twentieth century, for better working conditions and the right to vote. It’s a day of events around the world: an opportunity to take stock of the situation of women.

 For our sector, which is predominantly male, the place of women and the issue of equality between men and women are very important.

How many times have we heard: “Private security is a world of men“, “To work in safety you have to be strong and hard“?

This relatively machismo representation of the craft is tenacious. Yet regardless of the type of position, women are known to be as effective as men. The qualities required to practice the private security professions are identical to those of men: self-control, autonomy, responsiveness, listening, authority, or respect for the rules. In the field, their sense of organization and their ability to communicate contribute to the effectiveness of their management.

Listening to the public or their colleagues, they mobilize their interpersonal skills and take time to dialogue, which allows them to defuse conflicts more often than men and to make fair decisions.

 Therefore, encouraging the feminization of the sector is essential.

This must go through a strong commitment from the leaders of private companies who must put everything in place to promote this development.

The SGP GROUP, by signing an agreement on professional equality between men and women, seeks to contribute to the elimination of discrimination in employment and occupation.

We also implement a human resources management policy focused on recognizing and valuing individual skills. It expresses our will to act to better reflect, in our workforce, the diversity of the French population and in particular gender equality.

Each employee is selected on the basis of their ability to perform their duties and there is no distinction, exclusion or preference based on other motives.

On this special day, we wish to warmly thank the employees who accompany us in this great adventure SGP, all trades confused: security agents, team leaders, quality manager, operating assistants … but also in the “support” services: switchboard operators, human resources, executive assistant, marketing, accountants …! A big THANK YOU to all!

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