Psychosocial risks, the scourge of the 21st century

The job of security agent brings together many current problems of work: precariousness, outsourcing, outsourcing, flexibility schedule, isolation of employees, distance from home …

The psychosocial risks related to this sector of activity are not limited to stress: depression, burnout, harassment, violence … They result from various sources and can result in worrying absenteeism rates. It is important to reverse the trend by educating employees to protect their health and that of the company.

Risks such as the prevention of psychosocial risks and post-traumatic risks are taken into account in the single risk document.

The actions put in place to respond to the occurrence of these risks are:

  • Training in stress and conflict management,
  • Psychological follow-up firstly from superiors.
  • The SGP Group undertakes to take care of a limited number of visits to the psychologist following a post-traumatic accident for employees who wish to be medically followed.

Developing a quality of life at work policy, collaborating with customers, sharing decisions and developing autonomy are all actions to combat the scourge of the 21st century that are psychosocial risks.

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