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Human resources


> Dissuade from malicious mischiefs: thefts, degradations, attempts, attacks
> Render first aid care
> Warn the authorities according to the situations

> Welcome visitors, subcontractors and service-providers
> Visitors’ screening
> Control of transporters
> Check, record and give temporary badges
> Pass-security instructions to each person
> Dematerialize the management of keys

> Schedule opening/closing patrols
> Carryout visual controls
> Carryout technical controls
> Point in and out patrol-places

> Ensure the best functioning of  warning-devices
> Supervise/ manage fire-alarms, safety and technics

> Watch out, through screens
> Carry out ambiguity resolutions
> Analyse data

> Complete dematerialization of data
> Point out any problem or anomaly
> Carry out the reporting in real time
> Create a complete reporting(image, video)
> Guide/filter calls

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Human resources

Fire safety

> Make the staff sensitive to fire risks,
> Make sure no malicious act has been committed on fire-fighting equipment,
> Patrol to check the security of buildings,

> Control regularly all security equipment,
> Maintain the means necessary to fire-security,
> Exploit the fire-security data (PC)
> Check out ambiguity resolutions

> Signal for and call the emergency services
> Evacuate visitors
> Attend to persons

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Human resources


> Solutions on deterrence, on customer-assistance and check to assurethe safety of your site by optimizing your budget
> Walking patrols or motorized patrols
> Surveillance patrols and/or interventions to prevent from malicious attempts
> Random or scheduled patrols
> Alarm-responses
> Data transmission to services or person concerned
> Control of the continuity of the site-protection
> Progress reports from patrols in real time with photos and videos

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