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Expert in human security, the SGP Group propose a wide range security offer extended from a regional to a national & international level. Secure goods and persons, protect and attend to, interfere and inform here are the responsibility endowed by our co-workersSolutions, adapted to your flexible risks. Certified by the OHSAS 18 001and Qualisecurity demands, are a guarantee for a personalized accompanying program of a high level in terms of quality of the services provided.

Through a bilateral communication and a true confidence, we establish a privileged relation with our clients. Thanks to its commitment to a quality serviced linked to a freed company philosophy, the SGP Group improve their fame and reliability: many distinction were awarded in different activity sectors (champion in growth, IRH, Prize-winner for the victories of Leaders of human resources, 3S Awards and many others).

The SGP Group go on progressing in this way to become THE reference in terms of human security and as a human-minded company they trust us, discover them.

Expert in human security, the SGP Group propose a wide range security offer extended from a regional to a national & international level.


Key figures

3 Agencies : Metz : headquarter, Strasbourg, Lille, 2 antennas : Dijon et Reims.
– 580 co-workers/employees 
– 14 vehicles 
– Double certification
– 3 times winner of national & international awards
– + 200 Sites
– + de 90 Clients
– 1st independent actor in the North East quadrant
– 36th national actor
– 19,3 M revenue in 2018 
– 23 M revenue(estimated) in 2019

th national actor
M revenue in 2018
M revenue(estimated) in 2019
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The SGP Group

On the subject of

The SGP Group, specialized in human surveillance and fortified by its many symbolic references on the Northeast quadrant of France thanks to its head office in Metz and agencies in Lille, Strasbourg, Dijon and Reims. We number about 500 co-workers full-time equivalent.

An enterprise with a human dimension, with an organization focused on flexibility and reactivity that enable made to measure responses to specific issues in industry, seveso sites, service, logistics, retailing, shopping center, culture BTP (construction firms). The SGP Group deploy its human teams and adapted means by proposing a wide range of services : Caretaking, fire safety, access control but also patrols alarm-interventions, televideo monitoring.

The growth of the company feeds on the strong values of its founding Director : Innovation, the excellency of services and the well-being of the employees.
Since the beginning the question we have had to answer is simple : why would a security officer be more performing, more concerned with the Group than with another firm ? It’s the key point on which we have developed our corporate culture, in building a different management-style. Since 2015 the SGP Group has shifted tactics in managerial principles towards a « Freed Enterprise » a genuine innovation in the world of Private Security.

« Since People are at the heart of our services they must therefore be at the heart our Enterprise. »

Since then, the transformation has been acknowledged as the SGP Group is a prize-winner of many distinctions :


These first networks of the headers of the private security sector, are true innovation allowing a simplified and efficient service. At last a national and international response different from others ! For more than 20 years the responses have been the same.

The SGP Group can thus offer a national a global coverage to its clients that aim at pooling their purchases in a framework agreement a global offer from a response from local actors.

Expert in human security, the SGP Group propose a wide range security offer extended from a regional to a national & international level.



pumps in a cogeneration station


> Risk-management
> Protection of the industrial industrial tools
> Flow management : personnel, visitors, transporters
> Access control
> Real-time reporting
> Multilingual reception
> Training in chemical risks

long shelves with a variety of boxes and containers

in logistics

> Access control
> Real-time reporting
> Secure freight
> Control of warehouses
> Fight against mark-down
> Multilingual reception

customers traffic in shopping mall

in large distribution & commercial centers

> Fight against unknown mark-down
> Mystery robber
> Training in reception
> Questioning technique video tracking
> Personnalized clothing/ outfit
> Training in Vigipirate (french antiterrorism plan)

empty office

in the tertiary sector and institutions

> Visiteurs screening
> Access control
> Multilingual reception
> Training in Vigipirate
> Adapted reception video


Our vision

All service providers should be able to offer quality-services : any who would state the contrary would necessarily harm itself ! On the other hand some tend to forget that a quality-service can’t be done without motivated and concerned men and women.

That is why for many years the SGP Group has engaged into a different management and especially a participative management. The hierarchy is less demanding and we rely more on the collective intelligence of the staff

Fordism has had its day, generations change, evolve and have other dreams. Our group is known for its values which are held dear and our “adventure” is not typical. Beyond our certifications, our distinctions, reignsin a  young enthusiastic view realistic and different which fuelsthe team every day.

Our view of the profession is driven by divergent management on the one hand but on the other hand by an evidence: “our business-model” has to reinvent itself.

As we can see business-models are changing and those who do not take the right direction will pay for it sooner or later. That is why we are getting ready, we are investing in innovation and looking for innovative partners: we are looking forward to the future.

« The vision of the SGP Group is the following: to be more than a service provider, to be a close associate of our clients in tomorrow’s security by coddling the men and women who participate to our quality night and day 24 hours out of 24 hours 365 days a year…»

Such efforts and views rewarded by a steady growth and an unstinging customer loyalty.

The growth deficit that is registered at the national level doesn’t prevent French enterprises from achieving satisfactory progression scores in turnover and job offers along several years. In 2017 the Echos and Statista awarded the SGP Group the award of “growth-champion” for its entrepreneurial adventure. The SGP Group is the only society listed in this record of achievements that amounts to 500 French enterprises having achieved between 2012 and 2015 a significant growth of their turnover (see site-link)


The SGP Group keeps close links with its clients. In 13 years only, one single client was lost! Our clients know about our sector of activity and understand the differentiation brought by the SGP Group.

We were nominated by one of our clients prize-winner of the SOFIDEL 3S for the sustainability of providers: «Best long-lasting project: for a firm which has implemented a particularly important initiative in terms of environmental and social responsibility. »


Actually the Sofidel Group have committed themselves to ensure that its firm-management is in line with the goals of sustainable development shared within the Group. So as to promote an ethical and responsible management of the supply-chain, the Group award the « SOFIDEL SUPPLIERS SUSTAINABILITY AWARD »  (3SA) to the most long-lasting suppliers held as basic trade partners for the achievement of their aims.

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