The importance of proximity

Monitoring, supervision and proximity, are inevitable rules to ensure the smooth running of your security service. The SGP Group is convinced of the importance of a high rate of supervision: dedicated teams for support missions but above all a field presence!

Two-level proximity management

To understand the issues and projects of each site, a privileged interlocutor is dedicated to you: the quality manager. By appointment or unexpectedly, he regularly provides on-site visits and monitors the delivery. In addition to being the link between the agency and agents, its various functions allow it to integrate and associate agents in the success of the service, and reduce the chain of decisions for a better responsiveness!

Supervision is extended with the accompaniment of heads of posts towards a broader status of “Leaders” agents. Their proximity, whether with the rest of the team or you, their perfect knowledge of the site, their missions and issues, guarantees their mastery of all the keys, reflexes and attitudes necessary for the management of everyday life as Leader !

A daring two-level proximity management where leaders and managers, men of precious ground, are the guarantors of the operational deployment of our policy of proximity and quality excellence!

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