Unpublished in Europe, a drone is allowed to fly autonomously, without human intervention. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC) has agreed to the French company Azur Drones for its Skeyetech.

This is a revolution in the world of drones, for the first time in Europe, an automated drone is allowed to fly without the supervision of a remote pilot. A first green light granted by the DGAC which represents a turning point for the use of the professional civil drone.

It is Azur Drones, French manufacturer, who managed this feat. The approval of his Skeyetech drone will have required 18 months of work in collaboration with the DGAC and numerous tests to prove its reliability.

How it works ?

No need for a certified telepilote *, the drone can be operated from its base station, directly by a security officer.

Imagine, a geolocated alarm is launched on a Seveso classified site or a large logistics warehouse, the agent makes a few clicks and the drone leaves his base to perform his round and film the situation. No more need for a team to go on site to perform a lift of doubt! At a speed of 60 km / h, Skeyetech drones can also perform preprogrammed rounds on private sites, night and day. A first certification that opens the way to new and much anticipated professional uses by private security companies.

* The new drone pilot training is mandatory for all devices over 800 grams.

VIDEO. Demonstration of the Skeyetech autonomous drone

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