It’s recorded. Since Wednesday, June 5, the SNES – Syndicat National des Entreprises de Sécurité and the USP – Union des Entreprises de Sécurité Privée have become one. The GES – Groupement des Entreprises de Sécurité, was born.  The objective of this union between the two trade union organisations? To gain influence over the State and the principals by defending the interests of the private security sector with a single voice.


“The human surveillance market is now under artificial respiration. It is collapsing in terms of margins with an abnormally low return of prices, so that bankruptcies are again numerous.

Let us remember, it is this critical observation that inspired the main players in the private security market to create the “Urgence Sécurité” collective a year ago.

This is still as relevant today as ever. The current circumstances and events, as well as the strengthening of the legal framework that governs the profession, have led to new requirements and constraints related to the profession for several years but without associated financial levers: professional card, implementation of mandatory training to maintain and update skills, collapse of margins with the end of the CICE, more rigorous regulation of the sector…

At the same time, the lack of homogeneity of practices between private security actors is a real obstacle to the viability of the sector. An atomization responsible for merciless competition, which leads to a price war limiting margins to only 1% on average. The low profitability thus gives way to a decrease in the quality of service but also in the quality of life of security guards.

It is in order to combat this harmful trend that it is now more than necessary to relaunch social dialogue and unite the profession. The merger between the two trade union organisations Snes and USP is therefore timely. 

“The duality of organizations is harmful to us,” insists Pascal Pech – former president of SNES. The gathering will be a source of increased energy. The profession has now reached a limit and we share the observation that it needs to go further. ” (source PSM).


The General Assembly constituting the new employers’ organisation adopted all the resolutions put to the vote. The GES – Groupement des Entreprises de Sécurité – was born.

Following the GA, a 1st provisional Board of Directors composed of the members of the SNES Board of Directors and the USP Board of Directors (28 members), elected the Bureau of the new entity and its President for a three-year term:

Chairman: Frédéric Gauthey (Prosegur France)

Vice-Presidents / President of the College :
Elias Nahra (Groupe Triomphe Sécurité) for the Collège des grandes entreprises
Mourad Chenaf (Octopus) for the College of Medium-sized Enterprises
Abdelhamid Faddeoui (Aetos) for the Small Business College

Treasurer: Frédéric Laisney (Challancin)
Assistant Treasurer: Luc Guilmin (Sécuritas)

+ more information here. 

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