Understand the difference between safety and security

For most people, the terms “safety” and “safety” are often confused. These two words, however, have real differences. Explanations.


Security refers to accidental or “natural disaster” risks. It is therefore to prevent everything that is involuntary nature, so accidents.

Examples of risks in the field of safety:

  • Fire,
  • Workplace accident,
  • Natural disasters,
  • An explosion,

To to face these risks, the companies which have the obligation to protect their employees within the framework of their work, put in place means (human, technical, organizational) of prevention and intervention.

For example, consider the established fire safety rules: fire extinguishers, a fire escape plan, fire detection equipment, presence of a fire safety officer (SSIAP), etc.

Security refers to acts of malicious intent, voluntary, motivated by an intention to harm the property or the reputation of a company.

Examples of risks in the field of security:

  • Flights
  • The aggressions
  • The acts of incivility,
  • An attack,

To anticipate these risks, companies can conduct a safety risk analysis. A method to determine the malicious risk scenarios that they are likely to face.


As a result, the professions involved in these two areas are very different. For more information on our safety and security services for your company: it’s here.

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