While the project to strengthen the economic structuring of the security market is at the heart of the reflections of the various institutions, the SNES presents us its tool detailing the cost price of a security officer. Indeed, the fragmentation of the sector associated with the desire to buy at the lowest price, without taking into account the quality of the service and the legality of the framework, has led private security in a price war.

 “Through this practical tool of reference, the SNES only intends to make available to private security providers and all their private and public customers, as clearly as possible, the essential components of the average cost of a service. prevention and safety officer. “

The figures obtained take into account the minimum social and legal obligations incumbent on the employer.

“This 2018 average hourly cost takes into account the obligation of MAC APS (Maintenance and Update of Skills), in force since January 1, 2018 and the CICE.”

The cost price of a private security professional also varies according to his position, his seniority, and his coefficient:

  • Qualified prevention and safety officer (cost 120): 18,127 euros
  • Prevention and security agent confirmed (coeff 130): 18,260 euros
  • Fire Safety Services Officer SSIAP1 (cost 140): 18,919 euros
  • Team leader of SSIAP2 fire safety services (cost 150): 22,173 euros
  • Head of fire department SSIAP3 – supervisor (cost 235): 33,086 euros
  • Security officer dog (coeff 140): 20,830 euros

Find below the document written by the SNES analyzing the cost of different items to better understand the prices proposed in the response to calls for tenders:

Note: These costs are calculated without taking into account structural costs.

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