Women and private security: a winning combination!

Private security is a world of men, “To work in safety you have to be strong and hard”. This relatively machismo representation of the profession is tenacious, nevertheless female profiles are always more sought after in the profession, especially to perform palpation missions. But also because women represent a potential undeniable candidate for a sector that recruits.

Therefore, encouraging the feminization of the sector is essential. This must include a strong commitment from the leaders of private companies who must put everything in place to promote this development.

 More and more women join the world of private security

 Historically associated with men, the job of security agent is feminized: in 2017, the branch survey estimated that 13% of women in the workforce of private security.

The distribution is still very uneven, but still needs to be underlined, given that women were almost absent from the sector only recently.

Initially acclaimed in the airport security and events for the palpation of the female public, they have today integrated all security trades, including coaching: team leaders, quality managers, or responsible operating. The sector is a breeding ground for women!

In addition to the field functions, they are also numerous to join the support services of private security companies, as human resources officer, executive assistant, marketing manager, accountant …

At SGP Group headquarters, more than 80% of our team is female, to say how important women are in our activities!

Women in safety: an undeniable asset for the profession

Regardless of the type of position, women are known to be as effective as men. The qualities required to practice the private security professions are not only the prerogative of men: self-control, autonomy, responsiveness, listening, authority, or respect for the rules. In the field, their sense of organization and their ability to communicate contribute to the effectiveness of their management. Listening to the public or their colleagues, they mobilize their interpersonal skills and take time to dialogue, which allows them to defuse conflicts more often than men and to make fair decisions.

Encourage feminization of the sector

 If security companies are looking for more and more female profiles, applications are still shy. So how do you explain this reluctance to join the profession? And how to reverse the trend?

Private security still suffers today from a relatively macho image. It may lead women to believe that the sector is not ready to welcome them. To change this misperception of the profession, the involvement of industry leaders is more than necessary. The latter must address the labor market, clearly showing that women have their place in the profession, and that they will find real conditions of fulfillment. The sector offers training opportunities to discover new skills. The possibilities of evolution are also numerous. CQP, SSIAP, police dog officer, quality manager, operations manager: missions can be varied and diverse and many responsibilities for women who want to seize!

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