ZOOM on Qualisecurity

Any client looks for a reputable private security provider. To meet this expectation, the SNES has worked with all the professionals and players in the sector to develop the service commitment framework Qualisecurity, which defines a common base of service commitments for the services of human surveillance companies. What are the benefits of using this certification? What commitments does the company have to meet? Focus on this certification obtained by the SGP Group since the launch of the standard in 2012.


Qualisecurity: the advantages

Because the customers demand from their security provider an impeccable quality of service, to embark on the certification Qualisecurity it is the guarantee of:

  • Offer a continuous quality service to its agents as part of their mission (prevention, security, protection and intervention) while pursuing a goal of improving its internal practices and processes.
  • Have the quality level recognized by demonstrating compliance with the regulatory framework for private security and social legislation.
  • Differentiate from the competition: beyond the loyalty of its own customers, this certification is a pledge of confidence that opens up to new markets (competitive advantage).


For the SGP Group, this certification offers a sure way to:

  • Gain responsiveness and efficiency in the face of increasing customer needs,
  • Display and offer services of a constant quality level,
  • Better meet the expectations of contractors in terms of quality of services,
  • Retain partners and customers,
  • Differentiate on the security market through recognized qualitative practices,
  • Conquer new markets,
  • Improve and optimize internal processes on a continuous basis,
  • Mobilize staff around customer satisfaction,
  • Participate in the progression of the profession and the improvement of its image,
  • Providing proof of its ethical and social integrity: respect for the regulatory framework of private security and social legislation.

Qualisecurity: the commitments

Through QualiSecurity certification, private human surveillance companies of all sizes – like the SGP Group – make the following commitments to their customers:

  • Take into account the request for service,
  • Advise in the choice of the human surveillance service,
  • Propose a written commercial offer in line with expectations and needs,
  • Establish a clear and precise contract for the company,
  • Customize the Customer Relationship by appointing a contact person in charge of the implementation of the service,
  • Guarantee the implementation of all the means and skills necessary and useful for carrying out the service,
  • Guarantee the follow-up of the service on the site,
  • Put in place the means of control of the service, in order to guarantee the respect of the contract,
  • Guarantee, at the end of the contract, the award of the service under the best conditions.


You are convinced by Qualisecurity and you want to be? Discover the steps of certification HERE!


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